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Boeing 737-800

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Lynx Helicopter

        Enjoy an exciting and immersive experience getting behind the controls of a genuine Boeing 737-800, Westland Lynx Helicopter, F35-B Lightning Jet or Cessna cockpit.

The largest most versatile simulator center in the United Kingdom!

Our simulators are  state-of-the-art simulator technology where every switch and button are the real thing - using parts from aircraft that have flown the skies!

We recently added a F35-B Fighter Jet to the simulator family, which serves in the RAF!

This is the closest you can get to being a pilot whilst still having your feet on the ground!


No Experience Required

  Anyone 8 to 80 Years Old

     Vouchers valid for 12 months


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Cessna Trainer

F35 Fighter Jet

Boeing 737-800
Lynx Helicopter
F35 Lightning
Pilot Training

"Good morning, this is your Captain speaking!"


It might be a simulated world, but outside you’re just on the edge of the famous RAF Mildenhall, serving as a USAF base and that’s where the expertise of this family-run business - Sim2do Flight Simulators in Suffolk comes in - offering flying lessons and flying experience gift vouchers for any of our flight simulators for complete novices to qualified pilots.


All members of the team have many years experience behind them in the RAF, with roles such as ground electronics avionics engineer on Mirage fighter jets, and Impala jet electrical engineer creating the most realistic flight simulators in the U.K.


Indeed, after serving all over the world, it’s the highly skilled members of this Mockford family who put in more than 10,000 man hours to create their first Sim2do simulator, based on an actual ex-British Airways/Pacific Airlines Boeing 737 cockpit, an actual Westland Lynx used by the UK armed forces the latest simulator is the F35-B lightning fighter jet as used by the RAF. It was converted to a simulator by Sim2do while every effort has been made to replicate the systems and functionality of the Lynx, there are some systems that remain classified.

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