The F-35B Lightning Jet

The F-35 is a combat aircraft and a multi-role machine capable of conducting air-to-surface electronic warfare and intelligence gathering. It has a short take-off and vertical landing (STOVL) capability, which allows it to operate on aircraft carriers and short airstrips.  


Do you have what it takes to fly the most advanced aircraft in the Royal Air Force?

You, the pilot will undergo a short briefing, followed by the remainder of your experience at the controls of this one of a kind F35-B Simulator.



Missions will include landing and taking off from aircraft carriers, air to air refueling etc.


Physical Ability

Getting in and out of the simulator is physically demanding and requires good mobility, balance and co-ordination.The rudder pedals controls are as the real aircraft and needs good leg strength to operate them. Please make sure the pilot is aware of these constraints before purchasing a voucher.


Optional Extra 

Add a 30-minute Cessna training flight, this will enhance the pilot's knowledge in ground handling and flight control performance, which will include flight briefing, taxi, takeoff and landing. (People that have taken this option have performed better in fast jet flying and handling.) 


F-35B Lightning II Jet From

  • Expires 12 months after purchase. Limit 1 per person. Appointment required. provide voucher code. 48-hour cancellation policy. Must be 10 or over. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. Children that need supervision cannot accompany adults during their flight. The cockpit is not suitable for wheelchairs. Maximum Weight 120kg max Height 6.7” min Height 5.2ft. Airline seat size restrictions apply. Getting in and out of the aircraft is physically demanding and requires good mobility, balance and coordination please make sure your pilot is aware of these constraints before booking, if you arrive and cannot comply with these restrictions you will not be permitted to fly this aircraft this is for your safety. £15 surcharge for Saturdays, Block booking limited to 2 consecutive flights.

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