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S2D-737 Rudders 


  • Measures: 550mm x 510mm x 420mm.

  • Weight: 23kg approximately.

  • It has 3 axes - rudder and differential brakes.

  • S2D-JR-Master 12-Bit Joystick Controller - optional matrix extender board to 32 inputs.           Note you will need an optional access hole drilled in the back cover plate for the cables.

  • Supported by Windows 10/ 8/ 7/Vista/XP/2000 32/64bit and Mac OS X, but also works on Android devices via USB link.

  • Forget drivers - just plug it in and it's ready to go.

  • Powder coated external parts.

  • Stainless strip on foot rest.

  • Linkable with optional kit.

  • Assembled and fully tested at our facility in the U.K.

  • Choice of - Hall or Potentiometer - 10kOhm - 1/4" shaft. 

  • Compatible with any game that can detect and use generic joysticks - MS Flight Simulator, X-Plane, rFactor, iRacing and other driving Games etc.

  • All internal mechanical parts in 5mm steel.

  • All pedal movements on 20mm steel shafts. 

  • Full length 20mm steel shaft through the entire pedal.

  • Heavy duty.

  • Dust proof.

20201120_105526 (1).jpg

Connection to PC: 

The PCB has a standard USB B type connector for connection to PC or Mac. No drivers are required. Plug it in and use straight away. 

USB plug socket at the back of the system. 

You can expand on this system - it has 8 analog inputs with 12-bit (4096 steps) resolution each (3 used on the rudder system)

32 button / 16 rotary encoder inputs nil used 8-way "point-of-view" hat switch input 

Fully self-contained interface 

Unique serial number helps Windows remember each device!

Ever unplugged a joystick and had Windows lose calibration settings?

This controller retains settings even if plugged in a different USB port or if you use two and swap them over. 
Analog inputs filtering - Digital processing removes noise from axes position reports while preserving extremely fast response. 

Powered by USB bus (+5V - 500mA) so no external power supply is needed.

Full-speed 12Mb USB connection. 

Note if you are going to add to the USB card you will need a matrix board available from Sim2do. 

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