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Dedicated briefing

The facility has several briefing pods to accommodate several briefings at one time.

Air-side pilot and one spectator only

The simulators are situated in an "Air-side" type environment a pilot and 1 spectator will proceed to the Air-side part of the facility to carry out their mission.

Boeing 737-800

Fly this state of the art Boeing 737-800 Simulator

An idea is born...

Every switch and button is the real thing, using parts from aircraft that have flown the skies. This is the closest you can get to being a pilot whilst still having your feet on the ground. This dream is now a reality!

ELITE PI-135 Pilot Training system

Learn  Instrument flying (IFR) Practice elements of your PPL without the cost of hiring an aircraft. Is the weather bad come fly this today. Built around the ELITE Pro Panel II flight console, fully procedural system. This can be used for complete startup, flight, and shutdown procedures. Perform the approaches, holding procedures and intercepting procedures. PPL cost saving to practice for instrument ratings and recency of flight experience for IFR.

The Simulator

Our simulator is a static system as used by the largest airline operating 737-800 aircraft in the UK. This airline ordered 10 similar systems in January 2016. 

Westland Lynx MK7

An actual Army Lynx converted to a simulator. The design is based on the Lynx sims used at Middle Wallop today.



Lightning II F35-B

Advanced Short Take-Off/Vertical Landing (ASTOVL) 

A supersonic successor to the Harrier.

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