Spend the day flying for 2 people. 


Starting at 10:00 with coffee / tea.

Beginning the days flying with a briefing of the Cessna 172 training system - general navigation and then for some flying.

Then briefing on something bigger, the Boeing 737 aircraft, then both of you will get to take to the sky flying from a location of your choice.


Pause for lunch and refreshments.

Then on to the second half of your day of this exciting challenging day, with the briefing on how to fly an Army Lynx helicopter taking off at RAF Mildenhall or a flight around New York City honing your skills as a helicopter pilot.


Pause for afternoon coffee / tea and biscuits

Then the final briefing on the F35-B Lightning II fighter jet departing RAF Marham to Yarmouth, where you will find an aircraft carrier for your first landing. Then your will depart the ship and return to base for the day's debrief and refreshments before departing around 16:30. 

Fly 4 different aircraft simulator experience for 2 people