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Fear of Flying

Do You Have a Fear of Flying?
Our individually tailored course will focus on your individual fear and anxieties.
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  • Briefing with Pilot Instructor
  • Hypnotherapy Session
  • Boeing 737 desensitization session
  • Personal management plan and follow-up
  • Long-term tools to prepare for your next flight    


Pilot Instructor Kenneth Mockford and Hypnotherapist Dan Regan have combined skills, knowledge and abilities to provide a totally authentic 1 to 1 Fear of Flying course.

Each course will be individually tailored to your specific needs. Both Dan and Kenneth will provide you with skills, knowledge and an understanding of your fear. As well as practical advice to give you the tools to work towards conquering it.

You will be provided with a personally tailored course. Each person’s fear of flying is totally individual and its very important to us that we can specifically address your requirements.
Under 16`s by special arrangement only.
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