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Course Content

  • Briefing with Pilot Instructor
  • Hypnotist Session.
  • Boeing 737 desensitization session. 
  • Personal management plan and follow-up.
  • Free long-term tools to prepare for your next flight.    

Fear of flying course with Dan and Kenneth

  • Each course will be individually tailored to your specific needs. Both Dan and Serena will provide you with skills, knowledge and and understanding of your fear. As well as practical advice to give you the tools to work towards conquering your fear.

    Under 16 only after consultation please call for info.

    All courses are on weekdays only.

    Allow 3 weeks to schedule your course and pree-assesments. "Book early"

  • Dear Serena and Dan

    After the fear of flying course you did for me on 13th February. I wanted you to know that I had a wonderful trip to Morocco. Partly because the flights to and from were absolutely fine for me, thanks in the most part to both of you. Your enthusiasm for flying, your clear descriptions of how planes worked and your complete confidence in aviation Serena enabled me to be interested in the plane and actually enjoy almost everything about the flight! Especially landing in Marrakech, which looked just like it did on the simulator!

    I used your downloads, Dan, on take -off and landing and found just having your calming voice in my ear really helpful. I particularly found the concept of being in control of my reactions to the flight helpful, even though I wasn’t in control of the plane, it was a good distinction to make.

    So an enormous thank you to you both for your care, support, and professionalism it enabled me to have the most fantastic holiday,

    With thanks and best wishes

    Catherine (Todd)

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