Online Simulator Pilot Training

Due to the Covid 19 restrictions we have developed an online simulator pilot training course for young people with an aspiration of becoming pilots of the future.  


The lessons

The lessons are done over a 5 week course in 1 hour segments.

The first 4 one hour lessons will will be done using a one to one video link and will cover the same subjects as in the private pilot syllabus.

They will receive an electronic copy of our work book to use during the training program.

The last lesson will be a 1 hour flying assessment on the Cessna 172 simulator.

The lessons will give the cadet pilot an appreciation for the requirements in becoming a pilot.


Once completed they will receive a certificate of completion.


Beginner / Intermediate Course

The recipient will be sent an online assessment if requested, which will be used to determine which course is most suited for them. 


Under 10 years old

If an under 10 year old would like to do the course, they will need to have an informal chat with one of our pilot instructors by telephone phone to ensure they have a keen interest in flying. 

We have accepted under 10 years old that have benefitted and enjoyed the course.


We are Enhanced DBS Cleared to work with vulnerable groups, including children.

Children need to be chaperoned by an adult at al times in the simulator centre.


Online Simulator Pilot Training with Serena

  • Serena has developed this training to help people in lock down that still want to learn about flying and becoming a pilot.

    This online program is intended to be done during the Covid 19 restrictions at home. Limit 1 per person.