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Pilot club for the pilots of tomorrow.

Did you know that Sim2do also operates a pilot club? We started the project to get individuals to experience the joy of flying an airplane. Over time the pilot club developed in an aviation experience combining flight simulation, flight culture, and flight courses, such as knowledge of aircraft and theory of flying. The aim is to inspire young children in primary and middle school. We want to spark their interest in the fascinating world of aviation and becoming the pilots of tomorrow.

We have 3 students per class each class will follow flight training relating to the Private Pilots Licence

Each lesson will comprise of a 30 minute video or instructor based lesson and the remainder of the lesson will be at the controls of our Cessna flight training system .

Taxi ,Take-Offs, Circuits & Landings Pilot Training 

Covering the flying exercises of the Private Pilot Licence this will give you a comprehensive insight into mastering the essentials of the take-off, circuit and landing. We offer a step by step in depth tuition from our instructors . These classes bring to life and makes it easier to understanding the basic flying theory you will be required to study in the Private Pilot Licence textbooks.

We are Enhanced DBS Cleared to work with vulnerable groups, including children. Children need to be chaperoned by an adult at all times in the simulator centre.

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