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Sim2do Junior Pilot Flying Club

For 10 to 16 years old 


60 Minute Lesson


At Sim2do we have 2 training simulators for Junior Pilots, for young people with an aspiration of becoming pilots in the future!


The Pilots will have 60 minutes  at the controls of a Cessna based flight simulator. Briefings will cover aerodynamics, flight control and instruments. Your instructor will guide and coach pilots on how to fly the aircraft with hands on flying. 


Taxing to the live runway for a take off remaining in the pattern progressing on to cross country flying your instructor will guide pilots to the other airports via your coms system. 


Multiple lessons will cover 

1) Principles of Flight

2) Circuits & Charts
3) Weather & Navigation
4) Stalling & Manoeuvres
5) Pilot Assessments

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