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Pilot Aptitude Screenings

Preparation Pan-Asian Pilot Screenings

A course for people with an aspirations of attending a commercial pilot training program.

  • Flight assessment on our flight training simulator 2 hours.  

  • Pilot Screenings overview and test training and test tips 1 hour . 

  • Complete your first online pilot aptitude test using our Hardware systems specifically setup to carry out the tests 1 hour. 

  • Set up your login to the online training software you can then continue to practice before your assesment. 

Any potential pilot is assessed on their psychological questionnaire first .


Here is your chance to try out the test and see where you need to improve before your interview at your potential training provider.This training will give the potential student pilot an appreciation of the requirements for attending a commercial pilot training program.

  • Detailed test guides and extensive setup options.

  • Comprehensive performance analysis.

  • Cloud for performance data sharing between several devices and bench marking against user community.

  • Training software is available for Microsoft Windows™, iOS (iPad™) and Android™ system environments

The preparation software is the trusted solution to strengthen cognitive and operational aptitudes, tested in pre-hiring screenings of international airlines and air navigation service providers.

Student software licenses are non-transferable but will not expire and will have updates for 12 months.

Students will be able to download and use the software on personal devices at home.

Data protection

Customer personal data is confidential and used /save exclusively under the terms of this contractual relationship. Sim2do will pass on the data to Skytest directly involved for the fulfillment of the mutual contractual obligations, in particular to the operators of the service and technical processing.

The aptitude data gained in the course of the service constitute highly personal information of the test participants. If the service is carried out at the Sim2do premises  Sim2do will only use this information in connection with this software . 

The Sim2do and Skytest  will ascertain, suspend and regularly examine the validity of the individual tests applicable within the aptitude test procedures by evaluating statistically significant random samples for the purposes of increasing the quality and control of the success. For this, the results of the participants will be saved in an anonymity form.

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