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Cadet Pilot Training

Let your dream career take off with Sim2do


Budding pilots can begin their training with the help of Sim2do’s new cadet pilot training program.

Using the Sim2do Pilot Deck PI-135 BATD, students can learn and practice on a Cessna 172. Over five one-hour lessons that we advises should be spread over several days, students will gain an appreciation for the requirements in becoming a pilot, covering multiple subjects from the private pilot syllabus including:


1. Principles of flight

2. Advanced principles of flight

3. Meteorology - basic weather theory

4. Flight planning and navigation

5. Solo prep

Once the course is completed, students will complete an assessment of skills learnt and will be awarded the Sim2do Cadet Pilot Wing. Following this, students can then progress on to the centre’s Junior Pilot Training Program, which will allow them to continue their learning and further their knowledge.

              Available  Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:00-14:30

              Weekday training course is £300 (for all five sessions).

              Additional surcharge £15 for each lesson completed on a Saturday.(Paid on the day)

              Do all lessons on Saturday deal price £350.

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