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Sim2do's Fixed Base solution .

Console by ELITE allows you to perform complete "start-up to shutdown" procedures.


Elite Pro Panel II (USB)

  • Precise full size Yoke

  • Dual magneto switches

  • Battery master switch

  • Park brake

  • Gear handle

  • CWS release

  • Pitot heater switch

  • Dual fuel boost pump

  • Dual cowl flaps

  • Avionics master switch

  • 6 lever throttle quadrant

  • Electric pitch trim

  • Rudder trim

  • Flaps switch

  • Alternate air

  • Dual starter switches

  • l & R alternator switches

  • NAV light

  • Strobe light

  • Landing light

  • ULTRA FAST i7 Desktop Flight Simulator Computer 

  • Elite AVIONICS Panel 2000 TRIMBLE For students and Pilots that need positive habit transfers or pilots wanting complete hands-on control, this one's for you.  

  • Rudder Pedals  in metal and fea­ture pneu­matic damp­en­ing for pre­ci­sion and life­like feel­ing just like in real air­craft. . 

  • Sturdy Fixed base unit.

  • 50" led monitor.

  • GA Pilot communication system. 


This system software P3d V5.3 and Panel Builder software.

£ Price on Application

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