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Boeing 737 Sim2do Rating

Have you got what it takes to operate a Boeing 737- 800 airliner from start-up to shutdown, Do you want to get a commercial Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) At Sim2do Flight Simulator Centre you can get a simpilot  “Boeing 737 Sim2do Rating”. Our Virtual Type Rating course offers 8 hours of professional tuition on the Boeing 737-800NG.

This training has six structured modules each one lasting 1 hour followed by a skills test lasting up to 2 hours in which you will operate a flight from one airport to another using real life airline routes and procedures from engine start to engine shutdown; the course can be taken at a pace that suits you, there is no pressure to complete the course in a set time.

On completion of the “Boeing 737 Sim2do Rating” course you will qualify as a Sim2do “First Officer” and gain your Sim2do pilots wings.


This course will enable you to operate our Boeing 737-800 simulator and its systems, you can then hire our Boeing 737 800NG without an instructor at a reduced hourly rate .


Some of the key things you will learn are as follows:

  • Flight Planning , navigation and weather.

  • Using SIDs and STARs.

  • Manual flying for take-off and landing.

  • MCP Autopilot flying .

  • Pushback, engine start and taxiing .

  • Emergencies .

  • Setting up the CDU and FMC .

  • The final module is a  “Check ride” which you will have to complete to gain your Sim2do Boeing Pilot Wings .

  • Including log book to record your flight time.

  • Additional lessons available if required at a reduced cost.

Suitable for

  • Anyone who would like to fly with us more than once and on their own .

  • Anyone who wants to learn to fly an aircraft.

  • Aviation/ Flight simulation enthusiasts

  • Anyone studying aircraft engineering.

  • Private Pilot’s Licence (PPLs) holder looking for a challenge.

  • Ages 10 .


As a prerequisite (although not essential) you ideally will have completed our 5 hour  Cadet Pilot Training course or have some flying / flight simulator knowledge.

Our Boeing 737NG Sim2do Rating Training Course :

Module 1 

  • Briefing. 

  • 30 min cessna orientation flight. 

  • Boeing 737 & cockpit orientation

  • General flight setup.

  • Manual flying control understanding loss of lift according to bank angle.

  • 3 rings of hell.​​

Module 2

  • Boeing 737 & cockpit orientation

  • General flight setup.

  • Kenneth's 3 rings of hell.

  • Manual flying control understanding loss of lift according to bank angle.

Module 3

  • Stalls .

  • Turns and spiral dives.

  • Climbs & descents.

  • Landings.

  • Taxi & Take off procedures.

Module 4

  • MCP Autoland

  • Flying VORs

  • Orientation & navigation using FMC

  • ILS approaches 

Module 5

  • Cold and Dark from EGSS  to EGLL

Module 6

  • Check ride practice EGGW 

  • Emergencies including Engine failures


Check ride

“check ride” in our Boeing 737 all planned and flown by the student.

Duration 2 hours
Duration 1.5 hours
Duration 2 hours
Duration 1.5 hours
Duration 1 hour
Duration 2 hours
Duration 1 hour
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